James Holquist

Professor Emeritus Comparative Literature & Slavic Languages & Literatures
451 College St, New Haven, CT 06511-8906

International activity

Comparative literature conferences

China (2007–Present)
Kang-I Sun Chang and Michael Holquist are collaborating with Zhou Xiaoyi and Yan Shaodang from Peking University to organize a comparative literature conference at Peking University in November 2003. Drs. Xiaoyi and Shaodang have been invited to a May 2003 conference at Yale designed to establish a continuing collaborative program between the two universities. The project has been completed.

Cultural Memory Project
Brazil, Estonia, Ukraine, Norway, Sweden, Japan, Russia, Georgia (2007–Present)
This project involved a group of scholars from a number of countries (Russia, Sweden, Norway, Ukraine, Brazil, Estonia, Japan, Georgia, and the USA) who met annually for years to discuss and coordinate shared research on collective memory. The project has been completed.